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About Me

Yes, Most people know me as Blaine.

   I grew up traveling the world as a military brat,  with destinations like Ethiopia to Okinawa and all over the United States. 

   I went to four different high schools in four years.  I worked in New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and Delaware traveling often for work. This is when I picked up my nick name, Blaine.   I visited Maine where I found my love for the outdoors and conservation, including hunting.

   Leaving the fancy cloths and all the money behind, I set out on a venture to make the outdoor lifestyle my life.  I began as a guide for many years, then with a couple clients, I started a TV show which aired on The Sportsman Channel for many years.  I started the show which became the most popular “The Bear Whisperer”, and at about the same time I moved all my shows over to The Pursuit Channel where I currently still air and feel as though I am part of a family.

   As I continue to move forward with living the outdoor lifestyle, I hope to have many more years on television being as real as the FCC will allow me.  I have a special place in my heart for the people who have followed me through the years and find my realism something they find entertaining.