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Even though I had spent many years on national TV, The Bear Whisperer is where is all felt like it began.

I was on many shows, but like most of outdoor TV, it was hard to be different.  I ran a 3 month “special” called the Bear Whisperer where I had cameras follow me around doing bear conservation work and just discussing facts about bears to help educate the public on these magical animals.

I aired the 3-month special, not really thinking much of it, and something magical just happened from that point on.  The viewers were very receptive to the conservation aspect of black bears.  Though I firmly believe that hunting is very much a part of conservation, this show didn’t really feature hunting, it featured other parts of conservation.   It also gave me the ability for the first time, to just be myself on TV, without having to conform to the industry “norm”.

Well, that’s how it all began.  Be sure to check out the About Me section for even more

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